We provide a large-format tax advice at every stage of investment projects. We will successfully resolve for you any issue related on financial activities, investment subject to the specific features of national taxation. You’ll get maximum information and legal support, which will allow you to build an effective business on the territory of Russian Federation in any sector of economy.

You’ll get a tax advice of any following complex issues:

  • Features of practical application of the legislation on VAT, corporate property tax, corporate income and other taxes.
  • Features of the joint venture taxation.
  • Taxation in the subsoil use.
  • Practical application of taxcredits and deductions.
  • Refund of VAT on export
  • Calculation and payment of excise duty.
  • Features of the taxation for individuals.

If you have any tax disputes, you can get legal services such as:

  • Legal support in the field and in-house tax audits (analytical work with source documents, drafting an effective responses to requests from the tax authorities; advicies on selection of documentation, assistance in building competent relationships with the inspectors).
  • Development of tactical and strategic decisions based on results of tax audit. Consideration prospects of settling disputes in court and tax authorities.
  • Preparation of the efficient objections to audit reports, direct participation in consideration of audit results by tax authority management.
  • Drafting of appeals and other types of claims to the court and higher tax authorities.
  • Drafting of application to the court and selection a base of evidence.
  • Writing the application for prohibition of collection of amounts assessed by tax authorities (or other interim measures) till the end of litigation.
  • Protection of company’s interests in litigation.
  • Indemnification for damage caused by unlawful actions of tax authorities.

Identification of possible overpayment and tax risks

Preliminary definition of overpayment and tax risks is an effective legal instrument for tax security and savings. Providing this legal service suggest an individual approach to your company in specific features of your industry activity.

You can get the following legal services on the preliminary definition of certain risks and overpayments:

  • Extended report with a package of practical recommendations on — how to reduce risks and use tax overpayment.
  • Creation of an efficient tax risk management.
  • Support of rebates and tax offset by your company.
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