The corporate legal support practice is one of main activities of the company LEGATO. Work of our team in this area created a reputation of one of the leading law firms in Irkutsk region.

The main part of practice accounts for development, creation and optimization of holdings. Thanks to recommendations from our experts, you will be able to reduce the possible finance risks, optimize the payment of taxes, increase capitalization group of companies, improve the «transparency» of the corporate processes and attract national and foreign investment. All these measures lead to improved manageability of companies you control.

You’ll get detailed consultation of current issues raised in course of daily activities. You can also get a legal support in implementation of comprehensive business projects.

The company LEGATO successfully supported the establishment of companies with foreign capital in area of oil and gas production and refining; subsoil use, light industry, food industry, services, etc. Our specialists have extensive practical experience in conclusion of commercial contracts, drafting and signing contracts, analysis and optimization of cash flows, making changes in cost characteristics.

The juridical company LEGATO make support any form of your company’s entrance in Russian market. You will increase the value of your business with our help.


  • Full-scale legal support of legal entities.
  • Corporate governance practice.
  • Restructuring and reorganization of the corporate processes.
  • Development and analysis of various commercial contracts, including: negotiation of agency and commission contracts, construction works contracts, leases agreements, raw materials and goods supply contracts, various services contracts and distribution agreements.
  • Development of supporting documents contracts (acceptance certificates, agreements on prolongation or termination of agreements).
  • Establishment of arrangements chemes for the distribution of goods, financing projects, joint business activity, investment, etc.
  • Identification and analysis of commercial risks and development package of recommendations to mitigate them.
  • Services of legal audit contractual framework of corporation.
  • Development and implementation of practical projects on the debt securitization.
  • Legal support of companies in process of bidding and obtaining state orders.
  • Development of legal opinions regarding a wide range of legal settlement of commercial issues.
  • Signing of agreements between partners or shareholders in process of establishing joint venture in cooperation between private equity funds and their partners from Russia.
  • Legal support of private equity investment funds in joining or withdrawing projects.
  • Assistance in transactions in order to attract borrowings in projects.
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