The information is not less valuable resource than production or raw materials. Knowing the relevant legal information enables get quickly oriented in current situation and make only right decision. Having received detailed legal advice from our company, you can effectively solve any controversial business situation or know small details in business documents.

Simple issues can be solved by ordering legal advice online — this service allow you to save money and precious time. After odering your application for our interactive consultation, our experts will be able more effectively solve more complex issues related to the legal support of your business.

You can get legal advice from civil, tax, administrative, criminal and business law.


  • Fill in the inquiry, after filling the appropriate form. You will receive an answer after approval of the cost of consultations, clarification of necessary details on your issue, and payment by credit card or WebMoney.
  • The cost of consultation is based on complexity of your issue.
  • You will get advice after a pre-payment. The fact of payment is your agreement with all terms and conditions of the Interactive Consultation service.
  • Our company can accept the claims to the service not later than 15 calendar days from the date of sending an answer. After this time, advice is considered accepted by you without objection.
  • Answer is provided not later than 24 hours after you send the request.
  • You can get additional clarifications and explanations, not later than 3 days after the receipt of the answer to the main question.
  • If the complexity of your matter does not allow answering it without further examination of the circumstances, the company’s specialists have right not to answer without a study of the issue in terms of standard advice. You can get refund the cost of service, in case of disagreement with providing standard advice. Refund will be made not later than 2 business days from the date of request for refund.

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