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International Law Group LEGATO work in condition of actively developing international legal relations between Russian Federation and China.

The company LEGATO provides legal services, promotes the development of juridical practice, economic and trade relations in international investment projects between Russian Federation and China.

The company LEGATO have rich practic experience in major investment projects with attraction of foreign capital from China. Our company made this legal service more than 7 years. Our expertsts realised successful implementation of big business projects in industrial production, retail chains development, mass consumption production, etc.

Referring to the company LEGATO, you will receive high professional legal support at all stages of the commercial activity of your company and it’s strong legal assistance in Russian Federation,. The cost of juridical service comply it’s high quality.

Reliability and quality of the juridical service  that you can get in the company LEGATO are based on a deep understanding of realities both in Russia and China. Defending your interests in business, we take into account social, economic and political events, as well as existing laws in both countries.

Key practices of the company:

  • Legal support of international investment projects;
  • Tax consulting and tax disputes;
  • Corporate/commercial practice;
  • Dispute resolution and arbitration service;
  • Legal administrative and criminal defense of business;
  • Real estate and construction.

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